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Vinyl flooring info as very important to you as a flooring consumer, as there are many different kinds of materials in this line. Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) is a very popular item, as is sheet vinyl and both make an excellent choice for many homeowners.

The most important thing is finding out exactly which one is right for your requirements and likings. You should never have to make do with any flooring simply because you were unsure if there was something better. Instead, visit our vinyl flooring store and see for yourself what’s best.

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If you've not yet experienced vinyl flooring for yourself, now is a great time to start. Never before has the material offered as many benefits, from durability to good looks. You can easily match all your existing décor while also protecting your floors from unwanted wear and staining.

At our carpet flooring store, you'll find that these floors have layers that create excellent stability and can function in virtually any room of your home. For basements, laundry rooms, and kitchens, be sure to inquire about a waterproof option that truly protects you in these spaces.

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Vinyl floors sold and installed by Lufkin Floors Unlimited, Inc. are not substandard or weak! You'll love the amazing quality of our vinyl flooring and just how durable and easy it is to clean!

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Perfectly mimicked wood and tile

Gone are the days of thin, frail vinyl and linoleum that would crack, stain and peel. You'll find truly elegant and affordable vinyl floors at Lufkin Floors Unlimited, Inc. Our vinyl flooring selection perfectly replicates the look and texture of hard wood, tile, ceramic, and other flooring finishes!

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Stop by our showroom to browse our fine selection of vinyl flooring, get some samples, and schedule your FREE in-home vinyl flooring installation estimate! One of our expert installers will precisely measure your home and property to ensure you get an accurate quote at a fair price.

If you choose sheet vinyl flooring, you'll find that, for an average-sized room, the flooring comes as one single piece. This offers excellent water resistance as well, as there are no seams for water to seep into. It also creates an amazing appearance, with no breaks in the pattern.

Be sure to ask your vinyl flooring store about professional installation, especially if you choose sheet vinyl. Not only is this immense protection for your investment, but it’s a great way to have complete peace of mind that your installation will be a success.
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When you visit Lufkin Floors Unlimited, Inc. at our Lufkin, TX location, you’ll find associates who are friendly, helpful, and very experienced in flooring knowledge. As a vinyl flooring retailer, we have more than 30 years of experience in the business and will work hard to make sure your flooring requirements are met here. If you're in the areas of Lufkin, Nacogdoches, Diboll, Huntington, or Jasper, be sure to stop by and visit with us for all your flooring needs. We'll make sure you stay within your requirements and your budget, delivering a flooring project finished to your specific standards.